Our Courses: Investment Advice Process

This course, based on Vanguard’s observations of successful fee-based practices in other countries, describes how systematic financial planning and portfolio construction allow you to add value without relying on things that are beyond your control, such as investment performance.
A solid client/adviser relationship rests on mutual understanding. This starts with an in-depth evaluation of the client’s situation, where they’ve been and what they really want to achieve financially.
A clear, written plan is crucial to the success of a systematic investment process. This takes you through the process of evaluating the gathered data and using it to write an effective investment plan.
Taking a top-down approach that begins with asset allocation can help redefine the client-adviser relationship and fits well within a fee-based framework of financial planning.
With a clearly articulated plan in place and a portfolio constructed, the theory ends and the practice begins – it’s time to start investing.
To ensure that an investment plan stays on track you need to monitor and assess it regularly. Monitoring and review also help to solidify the client-adviser relationship by continually adding demonstrable ongoing value and expertise for the client.