A true client focus

The Vanguard Group’s unique ownership structure allows us to focus exclusively on serving investors' needs over the long term. This makes us a different sort of investment company - one with a mutual philosophy focused on serving clients.

We think you deserve a better deal from your investment managers and we aim to give it to you by always striving to be fair, transparent and supplying exceptional value investments.

John James, Managing Director, Europe, provides an introduction to The Vanguard Group

Transparency: We believe in Plain Talk™

Focusing on clients means communicating to you clearly about things such as costs, as well as telling the whole truth, not just a convenient part truth. It also means we don’t pay commissions or rebates to distributors of our funds out of your investment, preferring to partner with fee-based advisers whose client-focused values align with ours.

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Client focused investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is simple: we put investors first. To do this, we work from a system of core beliefs. Each is designed so we always remember that our funds are here to serve our investors, and not the other way around.

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Exceptional value

Offering low cost, high value investments isn't a marketing gimmick, it’s a client-focused investment strategy. You can't predict what will happen in the investment market, but you can control the cost of investing. This can have a real impact on investment outcomes.

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John James